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Multifunctional Analyzer Elemental analysis Ux-310

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Multifunctional Analyzer Elemental analysis Ux-310


The Ux-310 multi-function analyzer is a high-end model that specifically responds to RoHS directive, halogen-free directive, WEEE directive, soil and ore composition analysis, copper alloy, stainless steel grade identification. Triple ray protection system; user-friendly operation interface; that is, it can control Br in Pb, Cd, Hg, PBB and PBDE of RoHS directive, Cr of hexavalent chromium, and Cl and Br in halogen-free directive. Analysis of ore composition, identification of copper alloy and stainless steel grades. Can fully meet customer environmental management requirements and material identification. The well-designed open working curve function is especially suitable for multi-material factory process control.


Application areas:

Products for RoHS directive control: large appliances, small appliances, information technology and communication equipment, power tools, toys and other equipment

Products for halogen-free directive control: Products using flame retardants containing Cl, Br and other elements as raw materials

Used for the analysis and content test of element composition in alloy materials such as copper alloy, iron alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and various hybrid alloys


Technical index:

1. Instrument size: 680 (W) x400 (D) x390 (H) mm

2. Sample cavity size: 300 * 360 * 100mm;

3. Test element range: elements in S-U

4. Detection range: 1ppm-99.99%

5. RoHS detection limit: Pb≤5ppm, Cd / Cr / Hg / Br≤2ppm, Cl≤50ppm

6. Test sample type: solid, powder and liquid

7. Measurement time: 120-400s (system automatic adjustment)

8. Optimal resolution: see detailed parameter description of detection system below

9. Collimator: Φ2mm, Φ5mm

10. Filters: 8 kinds of composite filters automatically switch

11. CCD observation: 1.3 million pixel high-resolution CCD

12. Sample micro movement range: XY8mm

13. Input power: AC220V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz

14. Rated power: 350W

15. Weight: about 45Kg

16. Working environment temperature: 15-30 ℃

17. Relative humidity of working environment: ≤85% (non-condensing)