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Precious Metal Jewelry Analyzer UX-260

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Precious Metal Jewelry Analyzer UX-260


Fineness inspection of incoming materials, process abrasives, recycled materials and finished products in jewelry factories

Testing of recycled components of precious metals / gold products in banks

Gold store finished product inspection and jewelry recycling composition inspection

Evaluation of the value of pawn shops in precious metals and jewelry

Teaching in laboratories and colleges of gold and silver precious metal detection institutions


Product testing scope:

1.Detection of dozens of elements in Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Ni, Zn, etc. from K to U in (Au), platinum (Pt), silver (Ag) and palladium (Pd) and other metals The results show that there can be two kinds of content:% and K gold.

2.Ux-260 is a 149eV high-resolution detector that can detect adulterated iridium (Ir), tungsten (W) and other components in gold and platinum.

3.Test content range 0.01-99.99%,

4. Test accuracy: 0.1% (more than 96%);

5. Qualitative and quantitative function, with camera, micro-adjustment, jewelry fixing function.


Product index:

Test method: X-ray fluorescence method, non-damaging

Detector type: Si-PIN electric refrigeration

Detector resolution: 145eV

High voltage range: 0-50Kv, 50W

X-ray tube parameters: 0-50Kv, 50W, side window type;

Light pipe target: Mo target;

Filters: special composite filters for precious metals;

Measurement time: 30-120 seconds

Content range: 0.01-99.99%

Display unit: percentage%, how many K

Collimator: Ø0.5mm and Ø2mm

Software method: FlexFP

Detection area; integrated gold, silver, platinum and palladium

Sample cavity: 330 × 360 × 100mm



1. Adopting Huawei’s leading R & D achievements—FlexFP mathematical modeling without standard sample analysis method, FlexFP mathematical modeling method is based on nuclear physics, considering the energy relationship between atoms, the relationship between atomic absorption and enhancement effects, and the surface of materials Influence and other factors, after a large number of data statistics and analysis, the X fluorescence calculation method developed.

2. Optimized operation interface, user-friendly design, easy to master application operation. The design and software operation of Huawei’s products is to convert professional analytical instruments into simple three-step operations, and to report the content of test samples.

3. By applying the FlexFP method, a database of gold, silver, platinum, etc. can be constructed as an option to test the elemental composition of all precious metal materials.

4. At the same time, it contains an open work area to enhance the diversified applications of the product. For example, the logistics and quality supervision departments want to know if the conventional printing ink, glue, and printing paper contain heavy metals.

5. The product has a built-in camera system with a resolution of 1.3 million pixels. It automatically takes pictures of the test samples and automatically records the original records of the test samples.

6. The product software has the operator login by name and password, and the test record includes the operator name, test time, test result, standard judgment, sample spectrum and other records, which is convenient for future review and inquiry.

7. The product design considers electrical safety, including the selection of power supplies, material selection, and components in compliance with electrical safety standards; the product design considers radiation safety, including space design concepts, radiation source layout, shielding radiation material, and thickness.

8. X-ray fluorescence test gold coloration technology is a fast, accurate and non-destructive method. There are no consumables during use and operation, and it is economical to use. It uses a DC power supply internally, which is stable and has low power consumption. The rated power is only 300 watts. Generally within 30 seconds to 120 seconds, the detection efficiency is extremely high;

9. The design of the precious metal analyzer Ux-620 has been tested by the market from the selection of components to the selection of materials. The design life of key components is more than 8 years.

10. You can customize the style of the test report according to your needs. The output file format of the report is PDF, Excel and list.

11. Scientific design, the idea of the maze, the radiation is far lower than the national GB18871-2002 standard, and it is consistent with the environmental parameters.

12. Integrated spectrum comparison function, built-in pure gold thousand foot gold spectrum and test spectrum comparison at a glance.

13. Products can be equipped with an online data sharing processing system developed by Huawei to help the transmission, auditing and processing of test results within the group system. The online audit system means that the subordinate sub-branches automatically upload the detected gold and silver data (including sample photos, test data results, test spectra, judgment results, testers, reviewers and other information) to the branch, head office backup, The head office can conduct spot checks and follow-up at any time.