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RoHS Tester RoHS Elemental Analysis Ux-220

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Response instructions:

Responding to EU RoHS2.0 Directive—2011 / 65 / EU

Response to halogen-free directive IEC61249-2-21

Response to the REACH Directive

Responding to Toy En71 Directive

Response to US CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Response to China-RoHS voluntary certification

Compliant with IEC62321

Comply with GB / T26125-2011



1. The RoHS detector Ux-220 has been improved by optimizing the optical path, and the product test channel has been increased to the element range from Cl-U. That is, it can control Br in Pb, Cd, Hg, PBB and PBDE of RoHS directive, Cr of hexavalent chromium, and Cl and Br elements in halogen-free directive.

2. Equipped with imported detectors with excellent resolution performance; X-ray tube and power distribution models can meet EU RoHS and halogen-free environmental protection directive inspections.

3. The combination of Huawei’s dedicated RoHS8.0 software, alpha coefficient method software and FP method software, open working curve compatibility; report with test sample pictures, grading administrator mode, and determining whether the material has changed in a few seconds Wait.

4. The software comes with self-control and over-limit setting functions, which automatically determine whether the test results are within the control range



EU RoHS Standard Sample and Inspection Certificate

2 sample cups for testing liquids

Test film: one bag

Insurance tube: 3

Computer host: brand + dual core

Display: 19-inch LCD

Printer: inkjet printer